While the Slap the Stupid site is primarily about my misadventures and misgivings about this world we call Earth. I must support other talented artist and friends who I love and respect. Some comics, some musicians, some other things. Please click and explore

Jane Haze Blog
My partner in crime. My little brother in comedy. Love her she’s like a spastic Jack Russell except funny and smells of hai karate.

Jess Wood
If I ever didn’t want a baby this is the chick I’d have an abortion with. Funny vile and hot. Also the one of the host of the ratchet hatchet podcast.

Matt Davis Comedy Site
Met him when he was 17 and I’m surprised as everyone he’s still alive. One of the funniest, meanest, and most original stand up comics I know. He gets both but love and respect from me.

Spanky Brown
If I was nicer and older and smoked too much and looked like I was Randy Jackson of the Jackson 5 in 82 I’d be Spanky. He’s a funny brotha of mine with a hot radio show.

Katrina Coleman
Katrina Coleman is my other little sister in stand up comedy and the mother of the Memphis comedy festival. One of the few comics in Memphis who I’d take on the road in a heart beat.

The wiseguys improv troupe
The wise guys is one of the oldest and best improv troupes in Memphis and sometimes the let me play with them.

W. Kamau Bell
His tv show got cancelled which sucked because he’s a lot more than just a stand up comedian.

Doug Stanhope
My friend Doug if you don’t know who he is how in the hell did you find my page. Go see him too. Then come back and buy my stuff

Underground Art Tattoos
Underground art is an awesome tattoo shop that has done most of my ink. I love these guys not only because they are my friends and do great work. I’ve known most of them since before they opened and they are just great people go see them

The lollipop factory.
An awesome 2 piece band out of Ohio. See them when you get a chance

To fat for Europe

Shea White

Fukitor – A very gory comic created by a fan
A very deranged comic book written by a very deranged fan.

Memphis roller derby
Support the derby. I wish I could got to more matches but I’m rarely in town. When I am I go.
My Eskimo brother and sideshow über man. He taught me how to stick a nail in my nose and I still can so it. Wanna see?

Nashville standup

Blayr Nais

Ryan Van Genderen