Things I couldn’t tweet last night before the show because of a faraday cage…

Never get high before a show and then walk into a restaurant full of unlicensed Disney knockoffs. Then walk down into actual performance space while a improv troop is performing 
Is improv drama a thing?

Why is the hot actress doing a little girl voice. She does that way to well for just being an actress. I sense ageplayer 

Things I’ve never heard before at a improv show from an audience member 

“Oops I forgot my shoes”
I have no phone service right now while watching an improv show that has turned the comedy club into a faraday cage of comedy. None is getting in or out while this show is on 
I bet each member of this improv troop has at least one 100 sided die on them at all time 
Now music by cake 
These improv people are way too happy for my like

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