Vinyl Sausage Party

Last night I had great time hanging with friends. Talking laughing, exchanging weed and listening to music again. Listening to music again was one of the highlights. I had gone to see and hang out with the Klines(Michael & Stephen)  aka two twin brothers and a microphone, my boy Jason and Ro Chelle. Ro is a recent import in the Memphis comedy scene. She’s not a comic yet don’t even know if she’ll try. But she is a great thinker and writer of ideas and holy God she looks incredible in yoga pants. 
For whomever made yoga pants I thank you.

Did I ever tell you, your my hero…..

Music. Let’s get back to the music. 
Ro has a turntable, also known as a record player. She has albums. Actual round discs made of a vinyl with grooves In them when paired with a needle and powered speaker plays sound. 

Not telling the reader of 2015 what a record player is you might remember them. That definition was for future generations, a Rosetta Stone of sorts for the future. 
The Kline with facial hair(Michael I think) had gotten up and became the de facto Dj for tonight. I don’t know the order he was playing but it was the first I’d heard music in a long time. Not like I listen now with iPods and iPhones and earbuds and MP3. Not like sitting in my room on absinthe feeling the funk of Tool’s Lateraus while bluetoothing it to speakers the size of a toaster that reads Logitech or Ihome on the front. 

Her apartment is small so filling the room isn’t an issue. But feeling the Rolling Stones wrapped around you and feeling the beginning to Sympathy for the Devil in my bones made me energized.

 I remember this feeling from when I was a kid on my uncle Kevin’s system. Four speakers all taller than me at the time. None of this mini speaker surround sound shit. Speakers that if you had to move them you were going to need a friend size. 

A Moody Blues album and Billy Joel was in the mix. The moody blues, incredible I know the weed had something to do with it but it felt good. Watching her felt good too. She is like a fairy, a dark minded brilliant fairy as she walks through and over beer cans in her apartment. Trashing the empties as she goes. 

 I’m not a Luddite, I love technology but after feeling the music again. I might have to buy everything again on vinyl. How would Ice Cube’s We Be Clubbin sound. How about Down in the Park, the Foo Fighter version how would that come across? I have never heard Terrence Trent Darby on actual vinyl. Sober by Tool might actually poke out my third eye. I’m sure some music couldn’t be helped, like anything from Smash Mouth or ICP. 

I need stereo things. They don’t have to be new or expensive. I’ll hit the thrift shop and see if I can find an old one with a short that I could fix. Then find three friends to help move speakers. Or I could just try to hang out more with Ro. She did say get togethers at her place tend to be bring your own vinyl. I hope she likes catsuits. 

 I do love a woman into vinyl it
doesn’t matter if she’s wearing it or playing it. 

 You can find Ro Chelle’s blog here
And you can find The Klines on their podcast twin faced Kline and out in Memphis, just loungin.

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