It’s been a long time, I shouldn’t left you without a dope joke to laugh too….

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Yeah folks it’s been since April 2 since I’ve put out a post on my own website. Well for those of you who have no clue  I died. I actually died twice while in the hospital in Memphis. No I didn’t have a heart attack or a stroke like some of the rumors have said. What happened was after being immobile for a few weeks because of 2 severely damaged feet, I had 2 blood clots break free and go into my lungs. Blood clots in the lungs also known as “PE” or pulmonary embolism made me unable to breath well and had restricted my ability to speak naturally. So after having a few surgeries and peeing on a physical therapist at Methodist hospital (sorry Mikey) and 78 days of all kinds of shenanigans I’m now in rehab and will be back soon. I’m walking with a walker and doing wheelies in wheelchairs. I have to thank all the literal hundreds of friends who have come through to check in on me, you guys really freaked out Methodist hospital. The day I woke up from a second surgery after dying once there was at least 50 people waiting around to see me. In my dazed mind I heard a nurse say” Is he a celebrity? Why does he have this many people coming to see him?” Many thanks to Kendra Corrie and Samantha Blanchard for starting the fund which has allowed me to pay some hospital bills and survive while unable to work. It’s still active and any and all donations are welcome I don’t have a paying gig till sept right now. Thanks to Daniel Hooper, Sammy Marten and Channel 3 news for the pass it on segment which if you missed it can be seen here 

And much thanks to Tasha, Toni Nadlicki-Wackerfuss and everyone else who worked to get me into rehab. Thanks to Anthony and Seth my main pt and ot  I’m nowhere near 100 percent but I’m so much better than April 2. Oh let me not forget Benny Elbows and Bill Hazelton for helping me get stronger by being my human leg press weights. 

I’ll be doing the Chicago comedy exposition July 9-12 doing short shows to get me back on my feet both comedy wise and literally. So please if you’re in the Chicago area Come out. 

Much love Mo 


One thought on “It’s been a long time, I shouldn’t left you without a dope joke to laugh too….

  1. Best wishes famous guy in hospital bed!! I sincerely hope you have speedy recovery and do what ever the physical therapist tells you to do (it does help out a lot)! Miss you buddy and can’t wait to see you offend people on stage again!

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