When life sucks get a lollipop

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So this week had a potential to really suck hard. After having a gig cancel on me Sunday morning, Amanda hitting a deer on the way down to see me and do the cancelled gig.Then finding out her car was totaled by the insurance company. So far the only bright spot this week was that since that gig was cancelled I got to stay in town and go watch one of my favorite touring bands play last nightLollipop Factory. Lollipop Factory is a duo from Columbus oh, Bekah on drums and Dave on guitar and both on vocals. I met these guys about 2 years ago at the p&h cafe in Memphis where I came into the show after one of my own had finished late. I have very rarely seen two performers that loud and that good. I only got to see about 4 songs that first night, but when Dave wearing platform boots a tie and top hat stood on one of those flimsy lunch top tables and rocked out an incredible solo I knew they had a fan and friend for life. Last night I got to see the whole show omg loved it and it made my week not suck. It always cool hanging with other performers and talking about doing the road and life touring. We actually have been actively trying to meet up on the road and hang out and if I’m ever In a town while they are after my show I’m taking the whole crowd to see them. If you missed the show in Memphis last night I hope you soul will forgive you. If anyone reading this is in Little Rock Arkansas Friday night dec 9 2011 go check out their show at the downtown music hall and tell em Mo loves them. Hey do me another favor buy their merch these 2 are hardcore and truly live on the road in a Rv. You know gas mileage sucks when you have to calculate wind variables. Buy their stuff.
I also hope Amanda’s car “Chris Tucker” will be back and running soon. Kind of like the real Chris Tucker’s career. Miss you freak.


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    1. i doubt it i dont think they can take the rv that far, but check out there site they could tell you better than I.

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