My idols are smarter than yours you beiber lovin bitch

I don’t have very many idols. But most of the ones i do have are either writers,scientist or course comedians. In the writers group, Tina Fey she is such a brilliant comedy writer that it hurts. Love the show 30 rock almost every show is awesome.
Science wise Neil Degrasse Tyson, ok if you don’t know who this man is stop reading this and get lost in a googleplex of nerd and universal understanding. Do it go now then return.

Are you back? Isn’t he just awesome omg the king of black nerds. I bow to his brain.
Ok comedians. I’ve been a professional stand up for 16 years, I know most everyone in the business, either by writing for someone or performing with them. Exceptions would of course be Hicks and Pryor and the one who has eluded me till now. Sinbad. I know you think “mo that evil motherfuck likes Sinbad” Well yes I do. Fact is, one of my early press kits describe me as ” Mo Alexander is what happens if Sinbad had been drawn to the dark side of the force.” Before I found Bill Hicks before I met Stanhope, I was a kid and Sinbad was the bomb. Well finally this past weekend I got to meet and briefly hang out with the man. First let me say I’m a headliner and I destroy rooms nationwide. Sinbad DESTROYED both shows I saw. I bow to his performance Two shows two different hours. Oh did I mention he had no opener no feature just him. I really should say 90min of insanely funny real life made into funny comedy. I was in awe. If you every get to see him, do it. Also just for random knowledge he’s Mac nerd.
Look what i did there, a very hot nerdy chick and two very important black nerds being written about by another black nerd. Nerds are my idols and I’m not ashamed. Well nerds, Prince and Maynard James Keenan


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