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In 2010 I was lucky enough to be invited into the 35th San Francisco comedy competition. This was awesome, at that point in my career I had been in the business full time for 14 years, had a theatre show in Vegas and written comedy for some very funny stand ups. I did my best the entire first week, but after a few major setbacks I did not make the semi-final round by a mere .06 of a point. Yes folks it’s that serious. I learned a lot that week including how to transform my headline set from the normal 45-60 minute show I do almost nightly to a very tight best of set for 6 min. I also learned that the judges are king. The first night there I got a stranding ovation from the crowd but the judges said that I spoke to fast and ended up in 12 place that night.
Well folks I’ve been invited back to the contest this year and I’m more than ready to go back. Starting sept 14 my round of the preliminaries begin. This year it’s only four night last time it was six so my game has to be tighter than ever. My material is strong,I’m confident that I can make the semis this year. I just got back from the 6th annual Asheville comedy festival where I did very well and was given a lot of excellent feedback from the set I did there. I have been asked to the first week this year because some of the venues from the first time around are the same.
Here is where I need your help. Friends and fans, stalkers and Memphians who want to see me succeed. This contest last 4 weeks and I have to pay for mostly everything during this trip without getting paid unless I make the finals. What I’m asking you for is you buy my shirts and cd’s to help me fund this trip. If you have ever wanted a “Save the world slap the stupid” shirt or a “enjoy classic nig-nog” shirt buy them now.
I’ll be setting up a special page with special deals on
Yes I have a goal just like on kick starter and indiegogo. What’s my goal. 3000.00
Thats it. As I stated I’ll be putting together special deals for people on the site and also just a donate button if you just want to help.
This is a huge opportunity for me some of the past winners and runners up have been Robin William, Dane Cook, Doug Stanhope,Louis Ck and many many funny names you know today. You already know mine. Now help me tell it to the world
Mo Alexander


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