2013 a year in preview

Well 2013 is here and I survived.Take that all you club owners who had me on the death pool for 2012. The mayans weren’t right and humans are back for another year on our small blue ball called earth. 2013 is looking so far to be a good year. Not discounting 2012 which was an excellent year for me both comedy wise and personally. In 2012 I got on national radio with the Bob & Tom radio program. I recorded what I think was my best cd yet “Just in case the Mayans are Right” in June to a sold out show at the buccaneer club in Memphis. Which later was listed on iTunes as a new and noteworthy purchase in the comedy section for 16 weeks and still going strong on there. Performed at and killed at the Asheville comedy festival. Invited back to the San Francisco comedy competition where I made the semi finals this time. When I got back from the west I got to have even more fun by being in a dead comics show in Indy where I got to perform as one of my comedy idols Bill hicks. As I said 2012 not to shabby. But I need this year to be bigger and better than last year and so far It might happen. Ill be taping a TV spot for Comcast called who’s laughing now on jan 24 which should be available shortly after on Almost 5 million homes and just moments ago I heard myself on both pandora radio and the I heart radio app. I have a few important things I want this year comedy wise
I need to do the Boston comedy contest this year and go back to Asheville’s festival. If I can I might even try the Seattle contest if I can move my yearly Bahamas trip
I would love to do more comedy in Canada and Europe as of right now I should be in the Netherlands in late June so maybe we can make that happen
Record a DVD & cd in the 3rd quarter of the year which mean I need to write another 40 new
Min. I already have the first 10 min
Booking more of my own shows in non comedy club venues. Now
the big one. When I first started doing standup I really wanted to be the Arsenio Hall show, sadly he ended that show before I was ever ready enough to do it back then. Now I’m ready and in the fall of 2013 he returns. This is my big goal for the year comedy wise.
Personally my life is mostly great. Oh and this year will be my 20 year anniversary in comedy. So the pressure is on. People who read this thank you for your support. Hopefully Ill see you soon in your town or in mine. Oh and by the way I’m now drinking Don Julio anejo tequila. Thanks J9. J9 by the way is the most awesome woman who has inspired one of my favorite new bits of truth in comedy. Love the j9


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