Challenge: photo caption

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I got challenged to write a caption to this picture. I did a bit more than a caption but way less than entire story

She had hid for days, the last of her group of survivors. She was tired scared, cold and hungry. But all she wanted now was a bit of sleep. If she only could get sleep she could make it another day. The zombie hot dogs have no eyes, legs, or brains but travels in packs of 8 or 12 which is what makes them dangerous. Anyone can fight off 2 or 3, I’ve heard tales of an A skinned Japanese kid who could take 60 but that was in the beginning. As the undead dogs rolled threw a unnoticed doggie door.They finally found her asleep. She never screamed, she never made a move. Her nose smelled the rancid hot dog water but she thought it was a dream. It wasn’t


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