Do you wanna start a rioooooooot and go looting at wolf chase (Sung as the snowman song from frozen)

Do you wanna start a riot and go looting at wolf chase
(Sung as the snowman song from frozen)

I love the fear mongers of the news media. Memphis never gets the respect or love we deserve. the only time one really hears about my city is doing the yearly national crime reports and how Memphis is always in the top ten of violent crimes. We coming for you Detroit. Watch yo back son

In advance of the grand jury decision in Ferguson Missouri regarding the Michael Brown killing many news outlets were saying cities like Atlanta, Oakland and Memphis, especially Memphis would break out into riots if the officer was not charged.

This is Memphis not Sparta we are not mindless automatons that will riot all willy nilly. Don’t get me wrong we will riot but not for this. My city held legitimate protest. Non violent, non rioting, non looting protest. Most of the people I know both black and white were upset and dismayed but we didn’t riot

We save our rioting for things important to us locally
For instance
If former Tiger coach/liar John Calapari comes through Memphis
We will riot
If the owners of the Memphis Grizzlies ever try to move the team to another city
We will riot
If the three six mafia turn into a Christian rap group the c.o.g.i.c will riot because we all want to Jesus comeback and gangsta walk on water

If you really want to see Memphibians riot just let weather man Dave Brown tell the city that we will get 2 inches of snow. You will see father and son fighting at Krogers on Union to get that last half gallon of lactate off the shelf. In preparation for that whole day and a half of being locked inside with our family.

We will riot but only when we need to and on our own terms. Thanks fear mongering media but no thanks.

The title of this post is a parody take on the song from the movie Frozen “do you wanna build a snowman?”
Afterward in a series of tweets to me Kate Mauldin added to the idea of that and finished the lyrics. I now give you
“Do you wanna start a riot?”

Do you wanna start a riiiiooot and go looting at wolfchase and when we get caught, at Ann Taylor Loft, don’t use bullets please use maaaaaaace…

I know it all seems scary, but it’s justly caused, what are oppressed people s’posed to doooo? Do you wanna start a riot?
we should probly start a riot….
(Voice from other side of the door) “calm down, black people”


Thank you Kate Mauldin


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