Hulu Plus go home you’re drunk

I don’t think my Hulu plus account gets me at all. I mean I understand my Netflix cue thinks I’m insane but that’s easily explainable. I share my Netflix account with my uncle, my aunt and and my girlfriend Now my aunt and girlfriend have there own user account log in under my main account. My uncle does too but since he’s on an old school Roku box that doesn’t support user accounts we share a main account. Yay what a horrible that idea was. Now Netflix has no clue how to program for me. My cue last week invited me to watch Sharknado 2 & the buddy movie Abbot & Costello meet Frankenstein, the Korean version of Old Boy and several My Little Pony episodes. The idea of my mid 50’s uncle who strongly resembles a taller George Jefferson might be a bronie has kept me awake shaking late at night.
But Hulu plus has no excuse for its recent weirdo suggestions
I watched Scandal during the thanksgiving holidays, I just finished watching the History Channels version of Sons of Anarchy called Vikings about a motorcycle gang without motorcycles but uses boats instead. Tonight Hulu suggested that since I watch Law & Order: Special Victims Unit that I might like: hold on to your pants, that I might like Love & Hip Hop.
Law & Order: Any Fucking One and Love & Hip Hop. Literally the only two things these two shows have in common are the ampersand (the and symbol) and the fact that someone will be in jail by the end of each episode. Hulu I thought you knew me better, you have credit card on file and you have seen what I watch hack into google and find out who I am. Be like every nutcase girlfriend I’ve ever had & check my email, see what I like. How does law & order and love & hip hop go hand in hand. Will my Constantine watching provoke a suggestion of the greatest hits of honey boo boo? I pray not. How about my watching of the funny episode of Saturday night live? Will this garner me suggestions of
Fox News. Well that might make sense comedy is comedy. Anyway Hulu plus I’m not mad at you I’m just hurt that you don’t know me like I thought you did. It’s been two years. I’ll give you another chance but I want you to know that if things don’t change
BitTorrent is always lurking in the background.

One thought on “Hulu Plus go home you’re drunk

  1. Oh, you like watching black people being portrayed as criminals? Perhaps you would also enjoy seeing black people in their other natural habitats. Like, playing basketball, or corralled into shitty, low-budget, all-black cast films that grossly under- and mis-represent a systematically oppressed culture! See also: Pocahontas.

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