Wheelchairs, Truth, and videophones.

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Every performer hates watching themselves on video. I can only do it once or twice. But, while watching my first performance back after spending seventy-eight days in the hospital, I heard something I hadn’t heard during the first viewing. Someone near the camera said, “He’s being so real.” I’ve always tried to be real with my stand up. Yes, there have been some absurd things in my shows in the past and there will be in the future, but doesn’t make them any less real. I will always say that my shows are 99% real and 1% getting the words in the proper order. My first show back wasn’t the tightest it could have been. I went up with material that hadn’t been tested on any stage but it still killed. Not only that, someone could tell that I wasn’t making up stories just to get a laugh. The second night went better and the third night was very tight. The third night was my headline slot at the Chicago Comedy Exposition. Being as honest as possible, I was wondering if I could still be me onstage in a wheelchair. I can. I’m fighting hard to stop using the walker, but the nerve damage in my foot and leg are fighting to stay. This Thursday I’ll be in NC headlining at the Asheville Comedy Fest. I’ll be seeing if I can get more of myself back to me. Thank you to the person that understood my words weren’t just words, but me sharing my life and death and life again so we can all laugh at the scary stuff. You’ve made my month, sir.
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