The limited edition Mobility tour shirt

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2015 has been one hell of a year; broken bones, hospitals, pneumonia, multiple surgeries, kinda dying, relearning how to walk, learning why duct tape should never be near my groin area again, and hundreds of friends that came to my rescue. Huge shout out to both Kendra Corrie and Samantha Blanchard for starting a gofundme account. Without that, I would not have been able to make it for the months I was stuck on my ass trying not to die again.

So, I’m still not yet 100%. The nerve damage in my foot and leg are both getting better, but I find myself needing the wheelchair when they just don’t want to work. Trust me, I’m so much better than I was in June, but I’m still not myself yet. The touring will get crazy again as I get better, but right now? Ehhh…

My friend and human leg press warrior, Bill Hazelton, made this poster for me. Originally, it was going to be used to raise some money to get a ramp built at my house because stairs suck ass right now. However, I’ve gradually conquered my steps (okay, not conquered, but can get up and down them slowly) I’m using it for a limited edition tee shirt. I say “limited” because I’m only going to order 200 of these. After that, no more. I wanted make something special to help fund my recovery since I can’t tour like I normally do.

So, here’s the deal: You buy one of these shirts and you’ll get a free digital download of the new CD I’m currently recording titled Got Clots.

This will only be up for 14 days. After that, these will never be available again.
I hope you like this design as much as I do.

The image is from my second time back on stage, eight days after I was released from physical therapy rehab at HealthSouth. Bill did an amazing job with this, so if you see him out, buy him a doughnut.
Thanks, people


The Mobility tour shirt

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