That Bitch Tried To Do What?!?

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Topical comedy. So much fun to write for such a short half-life. Here’s the one that I wrote after hanging with Richard Douglas Jones, Dedrick Flynn, Piper Shepherd, William Lynn Loden, and Doug Gillon after the Local show Wednesday night.

The only person who should be offended is the woman who tried to implement this.

Betsy Devos, the head of the department of education, wants to defund the entire $18 million special Olympics budget- that’s million with a capital M. This is disgusting and just pure evil. But then I think “Can anyone name the last few winners from any event in the Special Olympics? No. None of us can because even though it’s inspirational watching special needs kids overcome their challenges, some asshole is still going to laugh when one crosses the finish line and yells “Yay!” and pisses themselves like it’s an R. Kelly video from 2003. Fuck anyone who’s booing me for that joke.  It’s just a joke but Betsy Devos really is taking their money. I’m just making dark social commentary. Fuck Betsy Devos.

Update: Trump actually stopped this from happening and called it stupid. Do you know how stupid you have to be in order to be called stupid by Trump? Ugh.

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